What’s our Miss Pinup UK been up to?!

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PinupUK.com chats over Facebook Messenger with our first Miss Pinup UK – Scarlett Luxe

PinupUK.com: Well hello Miss Luxe! How is our first reigning Miss pinup UK doing?

Scarlett Luxe: Hello! Amazingly thank you! It’s still really surreal but loving it all.

P: What have you been up to since the finals at the London Tattoo Convention in September?

Scarlett: I have modelled twice for Deadly is the Female ready for their website re-launch which was a whole lot of fun shooting every thing in stock! I have taken part in some hair modelling for a local salon opening. I took part in a tango inspired photo shoot with my boyfriend and dance partner which was challenging but got some great photos. I also modelled in the window of Deadly is the Female (which is always a giggle seeing people walk past and get a shock at seeing real life window models!) and drew their grand raffle for their 5th birthday party. I have also been a part of a film for YouTube talking about how I cope with having Crohn’s disease as a pinup. I’ve written an article as well about Miss Pinup UK which is being published in Vintage Life magazine next month. And I have a few exciting things lined up for this year.

P: All that and studying too I hear?!

Scarlett: Oh yes indeed I am in my second year studying for a degree in Dance and Drama. But everyone has been so supportive and excited about my Miss Pinup UK adventures!

A lot of people often have the mindset that they couldn’t possibly win or even be selected to be a contestant. But it really is possible!

P: You are a fantastic performer! Did you find it difficult performing at the finals with your illness? Can you tell us a little bit about it for those who don’t know what it is?

Scarlett: Thank you! In all honesty I thought I was going to find it difficult but because everyone was so lovely and supportive of one another I was excited and eager to perform for everyone. My illness is called Crohn’s disease and affects my bowel so that for me in particular if I get stressed it becomes inflamed and very painful and can cause all sorts of other problems. It is something that currently has no cure so I will have it for life but it’s something I have accepted and I have learnt to live with and currently I am on an infusion medication which, fingers crossed, seems to be doing the trick and keeping me in remission!

P: Thank you for sharing that with us. You’re a very brave lady! When will the YouTube film you mentioned be available to view and where can we find it?

Scarlett: Thank you! It should hopefully be available to view end of this month and I will post a link to the Miss Pinup UK page so it can be viewed.*

P: You mentioned Deadly is the Female! They were one of our amazing sponsors last year and as well as dressing me, donated a fabulous prize for the winning Miss Pinup UK. Which one did you choose & do you have a pic of your gorgeous self in it that we can see?

Scarlett: It certainly was a fabulous prize!! It was such a hard decision but I went for the Love Dress in Navy & Red. It’s utterly gorgeous and I can’t wear it enough! Here’s some pictures of myself wearing it:

Miss Pinup UK Scarlett Luxe Interview DISTF photo (prize dress) front 5 Jan 14Miss Pinup UK Scarlett Luxe Interview DISTF photo (prize dress) back 5 Jan 14

P: Wow!! Fabulous hair! Who did it?

Scarlett: It was incredible! It was styled by Lolita Noir of Lolita Noir’s Beauty Emporium.

P: Ah yes, the stunning Lolita Noir, she’s certainly one talented lady! Was that photo taken as part of the Deadly is the Female new website shoot?

Scarlett: She is able to do any style possible! It was indeedy, a new style for Deadly is the Female.

P: You also won a photoshoot ,with hair and makeup by Bella Noell Vintage Hair & Makeup Artist), with the man that can with a camera, Terry Mendoza (one of our esteemed judges) of Retro Photostudio, has this taken place yet?

Scarlett: It hasn’t, but we are booked in for February, I am super excited for this!!

R: What will you be taking to wear?

Scarlett: I have a brand new corset and robe to wear for a boudoir style, a black maxi dress that has a fishtail and sparkly shoes to create something a bit sexy and sultry and for my final look I am thinking of going for a showman look with a top hat, long gloves, sparkly waistcoat, fishnets! Can’t wait!

P: We can’t wait to see those pics!  The incredibly talented Mel Adams from Madams Pinups also drew a picture of you, do you love it?

Scarlett: OMG the picture is bloody fantastic, I am sooo chuffed with that! She is amazing and such a lovely lady.

P: And we’re sure people are dying to know what you got in your Lovehoney ‘Bettie Page Official Pleasure Range’ gift! Have you used any of it yet?! Lol!

Scarlett: Oh the Bettie page gift set is beautifully naughty! I had a set of leather wrist restraints and a riding crop. Now that would just be telling…! Hehe!

We all got on so well and supported one another.

P: Did you think when you were growing up that you were going to be a Pinup? What did you say you wanted to be when you were small?

Scarlett: Not at all. I always had a love of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn growing up but I never really knew who I was or what my style was. I’d always try and copy the other girls but it just wouldn’t suit me until I found Pinup and that just seemed to fit me like a glove! When I was smaller I always wanted to be a ballerina but as I have got older that got a bit tricky with having curves! Boobs and hips don’t fit well in a tutu! I still do ballet and other dance styles but it’s not my career path.

P: We bet you look totes amazeballs in a tutu!  You’re dance performances at the Miss Pinup finals were full of energy & great fun to watch, what style were they?

Scarlett: I loved performing them and learnt a lot from them. The nautical dance was a high energy jazz dance and the other was a lyrical pointe dance so not your conventional ballet.

P: When you’re not solo you have a dance partner, your boyfriend, who wears the trousers in that relationship?! Lol!

Scarlett: I do indeed! Well it’s been tricky letting him wear the trousers!! I am so used to dancing solo that initially when we began learning ballroom and Latin I struggled to let him lead and I didn’t like not knowing what we were going to do next. But now we have progressed it’s become a lot easier and I am absolutely loving dancing with him!

P: For the finals this year at the London Tattoo Convention, would you get on stage and perform again? Would you bring your boyfriend and show us your tango?!

Scarlett: I definitely would!! I have already had some ideas of possible routines, it’s what I do when I am dosing in lectures…which is obviously not very often! We are actually working on a new number for another show this year so I am sure we could get something together for Miss Pinup UK 2014.

P: Awesome!!! That makes us VERY happy!! Are you looking forward to seeing this year’s contestants?

Scarlett: Yay!! I can’t wait, all the contestants from last year were absolutely fantastic and I find them all so inspiring! So I can’t wait to see what this year’s contestants are going to bring to the competition!

P: And of course, you will be taking to the stage from the other side, the judges side, this year! Our Finnish sister Sini from Pin-up.fi played the roll of Simon Cowell last year. As our reigning Miss Pinup UK, what will you be looking for and will you be taking on a character to judge the contestants?!

Scarlett: It’s gonna be odd being on the other side but it’ll be fab taking part. Sini was amazing last year and made a very convincing Simon Cowell! I will be looking for someone who is an individual, who bring together all the elements of a classic pinup but has something that makes them different. I think I might be a bit of a Nicole Scherzinger as I do like to make a lot of noise like her with whooping and clapping during the performances!

P: Lol! And a whole lot of schamazing schimmying?!

Scarlett: Deffo lots of schimmying!!

P: What advise would you give our 2014 contestants? We encourage ALL ladies to enter because this is what the competition is about! So those that have never modelled before & have their friends saying ‘go on, do it!’, what would you say to them in particular?

Scarlett: A lot of people often have the mindset that they couldn’t possibly win or even be selected to be a contestant. But it really is possible! I felt that way but I took the risk and I am sooo glad I did. Even if you have the slightest feeling that you want to enter the competition DO! Because I promise you won’t regret it. Any lady can be a pinup, any shape, size, hair colour, talent, anyone! That’s something I love about pinup! The whole competition experience I know that not just for me but for some of the other previous contestants was such a big confidence boost so to any ladies who aren’t sure but have that little inkling, do something crazy and just enter.

P: That’s great advise! I personally felt very blessed to have such an amazing team of ladies at the first ever Miss Pinup, our competitors and our stage team were just phenomenal! It was clear you all gave each other support and confidence. At the final, our pocket rocket songstress Miss Cherry Bomb even got her ‘cherrybombs’ out! She put a big smile on everybody’s faces! Did you all know about that?!

Scarlett: I completely agree! The whole team were super amazing! That was something I really loved about the competition was how much we all got on so well and supported one another. I was so proud of her when she did that!! She had actually missed her burlesque graduation performance where she would have performed her first revile. So she said right lets do it in style and do it now! I think only a few of us knew but it was very exciting!

I’m super excited for 2014!

P: As a judge, you need to ask the entrants questions about themselves, have you already been thinking about what to ask our entrants?

Scarlett: I may have a few questions at the ready but the Pinup contestants need to be prepared to be asked absolutely anything!!

P: Ha ha ha! Cheeky! Of course, we’ll give them an idea first, we’d be mortified if anybody wasn’t comfortable and at their best on stage because of us.

Scarlett: Hehe! Of course we will, the questions were a giggle!

P: And finally, because we ask everybody……

P: What’s the first thing you do in the morning & the last thing at night?

Scarlett: The first thing I do in the morning is have breakfast otherwise I am a grumpy bunny! And the last thing I do at night is sort my hair out before going to sleep because there is so much of it!

P: What must-haves do you carry in your handbag?

Scarlett: I have guaranteed around 3 or more different lipsticks in my handbag ready for any situation!

P: What three things would you want with you on a deserted island?

Scarlett: Only three things?! I’d choose a double bed as I like to have a good comfy nights sleep, an endless mix of music to keep me entertained and so I can dance to it and probably my mum as she is my rock.

P: Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to talk to us!

Scarlett: Thank you, it’s been lovely to look back at it all and makes me super excited for 2014!

P: Scarlett Luxe, PinupUK.com’s first Miss Pinup UK, we heart you! Thank you again! How do your Little Luxe’s follow you?

Scarlett: Thank you! You can like my Facebook page Miss Scarlett Luxe or on Instagram missscarlettluxe

*Admin: Since chatting with Scarlett we’ve found out that the course and video that Scarlett was taking part in has been delayed.  We’ll publish further information as we receive it.

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