Pinup Doll Australia 2016 – Golden Ticket Winner

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What a year 2016 has been for Pinup Doll Australia!

Pinup Doll Australia started in 2014 as the vision of Porcelain Rose (Miss Pinup International 2013) and has become an all-inclusive, well rounded event that supports and praises women from all walks of life. Now run by a committee of Pinup ladies the event keeps developing and growing stronger with every year and this could not be achieved without the support of Chromefest, the annual car and nostalgia festival where the Pinup Doll Australia national titles are held.

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Pinup Doll Australia is an invitation only event that utilises local events, rather than creating more competition and taking away from the hard work those regional organisers are already doing. Ladies from all over the country that have won a pinup, vintage or nostalgia based event are invited to the national titles and then a wildcard event is held to give ladies an opportunity that may not have a local event to compete in.

Based on the previous year’s achievement we now have an amazing array of sponsors on board, ranging from our major sponsor Pearl Davies Media to hair salons, clothing retailers and jewellery designers – all supporting the Pinup Doll Australia vision with generous voucher and product donations. Pinup Doll Australia is not just about wearing a pretty dress, having the best hair or entertaining a crowd – although all of that helps. Pinup Doll Australia is a proud supporter of charities and support groups in Australia, raising over $11,000 in 2016 via Everyday Hero and donating over 100 personal hygiene items to Share The Dignity Australia.

This year’s entrants:

Miss Lexi Heart – Pinup Doll Australia 2016 – Western Australia
Miss Pearl Lee Shells – Runner-up 2016 – New South Wales
Kitten Darling – Queensland
Dale Velvet Rose – New South Wales
Trixie La Rouge – Northern Territory
Goldie Bardot – Queensland Sunny Burns – New South Wales
Autumn Falls – New South Wales Ivy Dynamite – Queensland
Vera Vamp – Queensland Lola Loveday – New South Wales
Bianca Starr – New South WalesPinup Doll Australia Miss Pinup International Miss Lexi Heart #PinupDollAustralia #NotJustAPrettyFace #Australia #PinupPageant #PinupCompetition Porcelain Rose

The ladies gathered from all over the country (some travelling more than 12 hours!!) on Friday night at Diggers RSL for a meet and greet. This was the first time most of the ladies had met and it was a wonderfully warm and welcoming evening for the entrants and the committee. A quick tech run through for the team after dinner, wet weather contingency plans were put in place due to the impending rain forecast and the ladies were sent to bed for a much needed rest.

Saturday morning dawned with a ray of sunshine and hope that we would not be inside for the event… this was quickly washed away an hour later with a rapid downpour and a scramble to the wet weather venue. Our amazingly professional entrants rallied under the change of venue and performed beyond expectations for our judges Miss Stephanie from Style By Divine, Miss Shelley Minson international performer and Miss Elinor of The Nylon Swish. DJ George Galea was as fantastic as always, providing support, equipment and enthusiasm. Belles B Ringing was stunning as our MC for both days and brought a touch of old world elegance to the day with her fabulous styling, whilst Miss J and Bettie Bliss kept everything running like clockwork both on and off stage. Stage Kitty Eszter was a hit with the crowd and the entrants and did a brilliant job managing props for the entrants.

Miss Ivy blew us away with her whip cracking display, Miss Lexi made us laugh with her Tin Man routine based on her own pacemaker, Miss Dale wowed us Cabaret style, Goldie had us all wishing we had diamonds, Miss Kitten brought us to tears with her charity dedicated to her late partner, Miss Biance rolled her way through the event on skates, Sunny got shipwrecked and then serenaded the crowd, the balloon animals by Miss Pearl were astounding, Autumn displayed her drawing skills, captivated by Miss Lola’s talent, we visited Trixie’s Diner and got tied up in knots with Miss Vera.

The ladies performed to a packed house – at times the crowd cheering and laughing was so loud we had to yell to make ourselves heard! All of the ladies received a National Finalist sash in preparation for the crowning the next day and as we all left the venue we were crossing our fingers for sunshine for the crowning…

Sunday lived up to its name! Under sunny skies the ladies all gathered looking stunning in their sashes and ready to find out who would be crowned Pinup Doll Australia 2016. Our Pinup Doll 2015 Bettie B Goode was still overseas having just competed in Miss Pinup International so we had Pinup Doll runner-up 2015 Renee Ribbons on hand to help with the crowning. Miss Lexi Heart had won the Best Talent Section and performed her winning routine for the Sunday crowd – a touching rendition as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz to If I Only Had a Heart, based on her private experiences with heart disease and having a pacemaker installed at the very young age of 19. The entrants were introduced back to the stage and the winner of each category was announced with every entrant receiving a gift bag and a tiara. Miss Pearl Lee Shells was awarded Runner-up 2016 and the inspiring Miss Lexie Heart was awarded the custom made Pinup Doll Australia 2016 tiara and sash. Miss Lexi was so overwhelmed by her win that she needed help to stand up!

Pinup Doll Australia Miss Pinup International Miss Lexi Heart #PinupDollAustralia #NotJustAPrettyFace #Australia #PinupPageant #PinupCompetition Porcelain Rose

Our event photographer Phil Ingram then escorted the ladies to the local fairground for a gorgeous photo shoot on a carousel followed by a beachside shoot displaying some of the gifts from our sponsors.

But Pinup Doll Australia 2016 does not stop at the crowning!! Most of the ladies have left their Everyday Hero fundraising pages open and are continuing to accept donations. Some of the ladies have become ambassadors for their chosen causes and continue to raise awareness and hold events.

Pinup Doll Australia is so very proud of every single one of our entrants – some performed for the first time, some are seasoned performers, some may never get on stage again but the fact remains that Pinup Dolls are not just a pretty face.

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