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June 18, 2014 7:28 pm Leave your thoughts talks to Melanie Adams from Madams Pinups about her love for tease and why she loves Miss Pinup UK!

Melanie, is an artist inspired by the vintage artists of the Post War era like Vargas and Elvgren but she likes to put a contemporary twist on those retro aesthetics.

Madams Pinups

Mel loves painting Pinups and Burlesque artists as they seem to embody my idea of what it is to be a woman. They are sensual and perfectly quaffed but have a wry sense of humour based on smarts rather than smut. She definitely goes more for tease than sleaze and feels that as a female artist she portrays women as they would like to be seen rather than be ‘idealised’ in ways that a male artist might do.

We asked Mel, what apart from the fabulous commissions that she does, what it is about a lady or performer that gives her that thunderbolt of inspiration? Is it the way she looks, the way that she moves?

Mel replied, ‘I wanted to be some part of last year’s inaugural Miss Pinup UK competition as I felt it shared my viewpoint on the female form and loved the fact the competition was open to all body types and looks. When I was asked if I’d like to be a part of it again I jumped at the chance as I support anyone who tries to grow the Pinup ideal where women are celebrated for their inner as well as their physical beauty. I also loved the event as I felt amongst peers and loved meeting so many like minded people in one place. It was a very welcoming atmosphere inspite of my initial trepidation about how my retro tinged coy Pinup art might be received by 20000 tattoo fans! But I found the crossover of pinup loving tattooed bikers and inked up pretty girls to be interesting and inspiring.’.
Scarlett Luxe Miss Pinup UK '13 Madams Pinups

Madams Pinups presented Miss Scarlett Luxe with this stunning painting as part of her prize for winning Miss Pinup UK in 2013.

Mel grew up like so many before her with a bedroom shrine to Marilyn. At first she was simply hypnotised by the halo of hair and the perfect features that the older Mel got and the more of Marilyn’s films that she watched and photos that she saw, what really struck her about Marilyn was that she was imperfect and shy and haunted by her own success and it was her ability to turn on perfection when required that fascinated Mel. She made her realise that a woman can be curvy and sexy and covered in diamonds but still read books about history and write poetry and have a dirty sense of humour without being ashamed of being any of those things. So even now when Mel is struck by a performer or model or even a stranger in the street it is often because they embody those contradictions rather than appearing monotone. Mel simply loves flaws!

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