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Everything you ever wanted to know about entering Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland & Miss Pinup International!

What is the difference between Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland & Miss Pinup International?

Miss Pinup UK is for women over 18  who have lived  in the UK for at least 3 years and plan to do so for at least another year.

Miss Pinup Ireland is for women who have lived in Ireland for at least 3 years and plan to do so for at least another year.

Miss Pinup International is for women who live abroad for at least 3 years and plan to do so for another year or have lived in the UK for less than 3 years?

Please check the full Terms and Conditions and also the Prize List.

When do entries open for Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland and Miss Pinup International 2018?

Entries will open in 2018.  Click here to sign up for Miss Pinup UK 2018.

When do the entries close for Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland and Miss Pinup International 2018?

Information to follow – watch this space!

What are all the dates for when things happen?

Click here for 2017 information.

How much is entry & how do I pay to enter?

Entry is £30 & payable by the PayPal button at the end of your registration.

What do I do if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Please go through the registration process and then simply close down the PayPal window.  E-mail us immediately to let us know that this is what you have done and we’ll send you alternative payment methods such as Pingit and bank transfer information.

What happens and when after I register?

Once you have registered and paid, your profile will show up on our list, we will check this within 5 working days and following this, your online profile will go live, your picture will appear on the picture carousel below the ‘Entry’ mirrors on the homepage and your page will be visible to site visitors!  Following that, all the dates that you need will be published in due course.

Who gets through to Quarterfinals?

There are NO Quarterfinals in the 2018 competition. In previous years we hosted a Quarterfinals live tour around the UK for Miss Pinup UK, however we will not be doing this for 2018.  Further information to follow for Miss Pinup UK, Ireland and International competitions.

Do I need to pay for a ticket to the Miss Pinup events if I’m an Entrant?

Entrants appearing at events do not pay for their entry ticket, everybody else does, even those assisting Entrants with props/hair/makeup etc. (excluding the Pinup Team).  Details of where to buy tickets for events will be advertised and sent out to Entrants to advise their friends, fans and families.

I don’t think I have a Special Talent, what do I do!?

Did you know that your Special Talent doesn’t have to be a performance?

YOUR Special Talent is what makes YOU special. If you are a Hair & Makeup Artist you can make up a model off stage and bring her on to showcase in front of the judges/audience. If you spend your spare time running marathons for Charity, tell us about it and bring some visuals for the audience and judges to look at. If your Special Talent requires any audio/visual equipment, you may be charged for this. Please speak to your Mentor to decide the best way to exhibit your Talent.

We hope this clarifies it for you. Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland and Miss Pinup International is an all-inclusive competition open to all women over 18 and we heard that too many potential Entrants were worried about the Special Talent aspect.

Every Entrant gets approximately 3 minutes to perform/present/exhibit their Special Talent to the judges.  Please ensure that your Special Talent is no longer than 5 minutes.

If you need help to find your Special Talent you can talk to our team of fabulous Mentors. They’re mostly entrants from previous years, so trust me, they know their stuff!! Email us at or message us to any of the Facebook pages.

Do I perform/exhibit my Special Talent at the Miss Pinup events that I’m part of?


Do you have problems with your Special Talent?

We’ve come up with songs to help get you in the mood!

Here are our choices so far…….

Let us know if you’re having a creative block – our gorgeous Ambassadors and Mentors are on hand to help you.  Message us at either Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland or Miss Pinup International Facebook page or e-mail us to

Will there be a hair & makeup team to help me at the Miss Pinup events?

Yes, the Pinup Popup Parlour team are there! Ready to pamper you within an inch of your life!  If you’d prefer to do your own makeup and need help with your hair or if you just need help with your eyeliner – we’re on it!

And, if your supporters and friends need a little ‘up do’ or a quick makeover, they can visit the Pinup Popup Parlour too!  Prices and more details available soon for this. Follow us on Twitter – @pinupuk_parlour

What if I don’t have a video for my Special Talent to enter Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland or Miss Pinup International?

Email us at & we can suggest an alternative. For example, posting the link to your Facebook page or website.

Have we answered everything you need to know?  If not, let us know by messaging us at Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland or Miss Pinup International Facebook pages or to

What are Miss Pinup UK Golden Tickets?

Golden Tickets are awarded to winners of collaborating Pinup competitions and to the winner of each monthly draw during the entries open part of the competition.  There will be 5 draw Golden Tickets.

What are Miss Pinup International Golden Tickets?

Golden Ticket Winners are from collaborating competitions such as Pinup Doll AustraliaMiss Pinup IrelandManillusion Pinupkonkurranse (Norway), Rockabella Pin-Up Contest (Finland) and the Brescia Tattoo Fest Pin Up Contest (Italy).

Do you run or attend a Pinup Competition that would like to collaborate with our Miss Pinup International competition? Please e-mail us at with ‘Collaboration – <and the name of your competition>’ in the subject bar.  We will accept collaboration Golden Ticket entries up to the end of August for 2017.  Terms and Conditions apply.

What happens at the Miss Pinup UK Semifinals & Finals?

2017 Information:

Semifinalists – Semifinalists are made up of 7 Golden Ticket Winners (5 via monthly draws, 2 from the winners of Miss Scottish Pinup and Miss Blackpool Tatcon Pinup), 18 via online votes through Facebook and the website (including 5 Wildcards chosen by Rio Wild).

Semifinals – The number of Semifinalists will increase to 25.  Semifinals take place on Saturday 21st October in the Pinup Lounge at the Mercure Grand Bristol Hotel in Bristol.  Registration will be 6pm at the Mercure Grand Bristol on Friday 20th October. Semifinals on Saturday 21st October will commence at 12noon with Special Talents followed by Q&A to finish at 4pm.

Finals – The number of Finalists will increase to 10.  Finals take place on Saturday 21st October in the Ballroom at the Mercure Grand Bristol Hotel during the Gala Results Dinner (meal and no meal ticket options).  Special Talent will take place at 7pm followed by a brief Q&A.  Entertainment will take place followed by the Results and celebratory party!

Tickets for the Pinup UK Miss Pinup UK 5th Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza events are now on sale at

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