Miss Pinup UK Golden Tickets!

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Miss Pinup UK 2016 Golden Ticket PinupUK.com Pinup UK Miss Pin Up UK Rio Wild Limited London Tattoo Convention


4 Golden Tickets to Give Away!

For the Miss Pinup UK 2016 competition we are introducing something a little special!

We are giving away 4 Golden Tickets that take each lucky winner directly to the London Semifinals on the Pinup Stage at the London Tattoo Convention! Exciting!

So, what happens now?

At the end of December, January, February & March there will be a draw from that month’s entrants to pick the lucky winner! Each month closes at midnight on the last day and the winner will be announced on the 1st of the next month.

January is now open, enter now to be in for a chance to win your Golden Ticket to the London Semifinals!

December’s winner is Denver Blue!

To find out more about the Miss Pinup UK competition – click here.



  • Open to Miss Pinup UK 2016 Entrants only.
  • 1 Golden Ticket will be drawn by random selection each month until entries close at midnight on 31st March.
  • To qualify Entrants must have completed and paid for their entry.
  • Entrants must enter by midnight on the last day of December, January, February & March to qualify for those months draws.
  • One entry per Miss Pinup UK Entrant.

Pinup Movie 2016 Red Logo

Entrants Stories – Rubi Shooz

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Entrants Stories – Rubi Shooz – Miss Pinup UK 2014 Entrant

Miss Pinup UK Miss Pin Up UK Pinups Pinupuk.com PinupUK.com Pinup UK International Pinups Pinup competition Rubi Shooz

I had no idea that the competition even existed until my friend Ophelia Wilde told me I should enter as I have a ‘pin up look’ and that the judges would love the fact that I’m a pole dancing lumberjill (ha ha), so I did!

I never thought for a moment that I would get through to the semi finals! Voting had closed and I just thought ‘oh well’ I’ve tried! So when I was asked if I could make the semi finals in September because someone else unfortunately had to drop out, I literally screamed and jumped up and down with joy! Then….panic mode set in! I had less than 3 weeks to prepare! I decided that I could use a previous routine that I performed at a showcase at Studio 22, Taunton where I teach and train pole dancing, as it was suited to the competition and I also decided I wanted another routine as, if by some miracle I got through to the finals, I wanted to present a different routine as opposed to two the same!Miss Pinup UK Miss Pin Up UK Pinups Pinupuk.com PinupUK.com Pinup UK International Pinups Pinup competition Rubi Shooz

This of course piled on the stress and pressure but that seems to be when I thrive in terms of pole! I’m far happier free styling and just letting the movement flow

but I knew in order to keep level headed and be able to prepare mentally I needed to choreograph and the pressure of such a short frame of time enabled my brain to get in gear! As well as choreographing, there was also a lot of rhinestoning! A LOT! Even my (now ex) boyfriend had to put my booty shorts on so I could strategically rhinestone them!


Then it came to the actual weekend! I drove down to London on my own (having never driven to London at all), after a long day at work, panicking like crap as I had been told that driving in London was brutal! It turns out I really enjoy driving in and around London!! I stayed with the gorgeous Ophelia, the fabulous Trixie Whipp and the charming Mr Whipp in a lovely apartment for the weekend!

The venue was a totally different layout to what I anticipated but I liked it’s unusualness and as the day started to unfold, it all started to hit me! “I’m at Miss Pin Up UK, during the London Tattoo Convention and there’s going to be thousands of people here and some of them will be watching me strut my stuff on the pole! But the pole performance was not the root of my nerves – the judges questions were! We were given an idea of what we would be asked but no idea as to which questions we would get! I was first up! And I think because of this, they went easy on me! As the afternoon went on those questions got worse and more tongue in cheek! Sini (ED: Ariell – 2013 & 2014 judge) you naughty naughty girl!

Miss Pinup UK Miss Pin Up UK Pinups Pinupuk.com PinupUK.com Pinup UK International Pinups Pinup competition Rubi Shooz

Photo credits: Top – Porcelain Photography: Middle and bottom – Phase 8 Photography


Dolly Daydream – Miss Pinup UK 2014

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Dolly Daydream takes the Miss Pinup UK 2014 title!

After being placed Runner Up at the Miss Pinup UK Finals in September 2014, Dolly Daydream has modelled for Collectif and Victory Parade and couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the year held for her. But after Fabia Cerra resigned her position of Miss Pinup UK earlier this year, it held more than she bargained for!

International Pinups Miss Pinup UK 2014  Miss Pin Up UK Pinups PinupUK.com Phase 8 Photography  Dolly Daydream #DollyDPinup Miss Tease & Cake, Emma Barnfield, Emma Barnfield Photography

Miss Pinup UK and Miss Pinup International was created in 2013 by Rio Wild to celebrate all women who love Pinup! In 2013, the first Miss Pinup UK winner was Miss Scarlett Luxe. Scarlett continues to be a valued member of the judging panel. Porcelain came all the way from Australia to take the Miss Pinup International title and returns from down under this year to be on the International judging panel. At the 2014 Miss Pinup Finals the UK title was awarded to Fabia Cerra and the International title went to Kandi Von Kane. Due to other commitments Fabia was unable to continue her role as Miss Pinup UK and resigned, but her future achievements will be exciting to see!

A tough decision!

The title of Miss Pinup UK would need to be presented to one of the phenomenal 2014 Runners Up. But, would it be Candy Valentina or Dolly Daydream? A tough decision! After conferring with the judges and the Pinup team, Rio Wild finally came to a decision. Rio gave Dolly a call and asked her if she was available for the International Pinups Miss Pinup UK 2014  Miss Pin Up UK Pinups PinupUK.com Phase 8 Photography  Dolly Daydream #DollyDPinup Miss Tease & Cake, Emma Barnfield, Emma Barnfield PhotographyQuarterfinals to judge the Miss Pinup UK competition. She was. But Rio also had another question to ask. After popping the question, Dolly responded with no hesitation and said ‘Yes!’. Dolly tells us, ‘It took a while to sink in once I’d found out I was Miss Pinup UK. I was elated and couldn’t wait to share the news. But it was people’s positive reactions and support that really made it hit home, and I couldn’t be happier.’

The title would need to be officially handed over and this was a good excuse for another Pinup gathering! Dolly travelled to Bristol, home of PinupUK.com, for a whirlwind weekend of Photoshoots, bowling, dancing, presentations and a good helping of gin! Photographers Andrew at Phase 8, Bristol and Emma Barnfield of Gloucester dropped everything to photograph Dolly on her whirlwind weekend.

‘I am thoroughly enjoying showing off my winners sash’

After the Pinup dust settled and Dolly had spent some time with her sash and official Miss Pinup UK title she told Rio, ‘I am thoroughly enjoying showing off my winners sash and telling everyone about my superpower (Miss Pinup UK 2014). I’m very happy living in my pinup bubble.’

The reigning Miss Pinup UK joins the Miss Pinup UK tour of Quarterfinals around the country to find the next Winner, Dolly excitedly says, ‘I’m really looking forward to judging at this year’s Miss Pinup UK Finals and meeting lots of other beautiful ladies and Pinup enthusiasts.’  Neither can we!

International Pinups Miss Pinup UK 2014  Miss Pin Up UK Pinups PinupUK.com Phase 8 Photography  Dolly Daydream #DollyDPinup Miss Tease & Cake, Emma Barnfield, Emma Barnfield PhotographyWhen the pictures were received from Phase 8 and Emma Barnfield, Rio had to pick her jaw up off the desk and wipe away the drool, she asked Emma how she felt about being involved in the celebratory shoots. Emma coolly replies ‘It was a pleasure to photograph Miss Pinup UK, I was very glad for the opportunity and she totally rocked the (Dita) lingerie.’ Nothing short of modest. Emma specialises in photographing women and after the shoot Dolly messaged Rio to say, ‘After seeing Emma’s work with some of my fellow 2014 Pinup contestants I was longing to work with her but lived a touch too far away. A Pinup party in Bristol meant we could finally work together, and I felt so relaxed and comfy throughout the day, and can’t believe how sexy she’s managed to make me look.’

Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinals take place on 27th June in Bristol, 11th July in London, 18th July in Birmingham, 25th July in Brighton and 1st August in Glasgow. Semifinals and Finals take place on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th September at the London Tattoo Convention.  For more information and to buy events tickets, go to www.pinupuk.com.

Photo credits: Top – Emma Barnfield (from an exclusive Delicious Dolls set); Middle & Lower – Phase 8 Photography for PinupUK.com

Press Contact & Model Bookings: Rio Wild

E-mail: info@pinupuk.com

Tel: 07899 945 377

Pinup Popup Parlour

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Pinup Popup Parlour Miss Pinup UK Miss Pinup International Pinup UK Pinupuk.com Rio Wild Pinup burlesque vintage hair and makeup

Special event prices from us to you!


‘Freshen up’ – the quick fix  from £15

‘Beautify’ – A full makeover to retro perfection  from £25

Eyelashes £5 per set


High and Tight – Rolls, bangs and quiffs  from £10

Bouffant – Fully coiffed up-do, Set and Curls  from £25

Mix ‘n’ Match

!Save £5 on Mix’n’Match!

Freshen up & High & Tight from £20 (+ £5 eyelashes)

Freshen up & Bouffant from £35 (+ £5 eyelashes)

Beautify & H&T from £30

Beautify & Bouffant from £45

To book your appointment call us on 07899 945 377 or e-mail us at info@pinupuk.com.

Follow us on Twitter!

Where we’ll be:

Saturday  13th & Sunday 14th August – Dublin Tattoo Convention

Friday 23rd to Sunday 24th Sept – London Tattoo Convention – Find us by the Main Stage!

Friday        1pm to 9pm

Saturday     12noon to 10.30pm

Sunday   12noon to 7pm

The Pinup Popup Parlour will be at the Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinals

and Finals throughout 2016!

This year we’ll be bringing our amazing hair and makeup artists to you! You can book in to have your hair and makeup done with our Miss Pinup UK team.

Miss Pinup UK and Miss Pinup International Entrants are also entitled to discounts from all of the above prices.

To book your appointment call us on 07899 945 377 or e-mail us at info@pinupuk.com.

The Team

Let’s introduce you to Anna Quinn!

A newly signed model to Spirit and Gap model agencies, Anna has been practicing hair and beauty for 9 years.  She does her own hair, makeup and styling for her photoshoots and has a successfully running company in this industry.  Anna loves being allowed to be set free and creating amazing transformations on her clients!  From Pinup to Alternative, there’s nothing she hasn’t come close to mastering.  As she has informed us, “You learn new tricks every day”!

Anna lives in Bristol travels around the country with her job, beautifying as she goes.  A newcomer to the London Tattoo Convention, she’s thrilled to be a part of the PinupUK.com Pinup Popup Parlour and can’t wait to meet all the Miss Pinup UK entrants.

Anna says: “I’m so proud to be part of this team going to the London Tattoo Convention and can’t wait to see all the amazing tattooists.  Cervena Fox is performing and it’ll be great to see her up close!  I’ve been cyber stalking her for about a year.  She’s an inspiration to an up and coming model like me.”

To see more of Anna’s work, please click on the link below:


Miss Pinup UK PinupUK.com Anna Quinn Pinup Popup Parlour London Tattoo Convention

 Let’s introduce you to Faye Booth!

Faye is a makeup artist and face painter based in Croydon, Surrey. She is currently studying a HND in Theatrical, Media and Special Effects makeup and freelances in her spare time. Faye has placed in various UK makeup competitions, and reached the World Skills media makeup final in November 2013.  She enjoys working with a variety of different makeups and her favourite looks to create are SFX and period/vintage styles. She has worked on a varied selection of photoshoots, corporate events, theatre productions and short films.

 “I am very excited to be involved in the Miss Pinup UK competition. I really love the pinup style and I’m so excited to meet all of the entrants! This will be my first time at the London Tattoo Convention and I’m looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere and being amongst so many talented artists and performers.”

 To see more of Faye’s work, please click on the link below

Website: www.facebook.com/fayeboothmakeupartist

Faye booth Miss Pinup UK

 Let’s introduce you to Angie Meadows!

Angie is currently a freelance Hairdresser in Cheltenham based at ‘The Cutting Connection’ in LA Fitness Gym. She has been in the industry since she left school and has enjoyed entering and winning NHF competitions and was also a finalist at the prestigious L’oreal color trophy competition held at the Royal Albert Hall. Angie’s used to pressure and has endured intense heat working in Cyprus on Dhekelia Army base and enjoyed doing many hair up-dos for their beautiful seasonal Balls and Wedding shows. Angie tells us that she still very much loves her job and is very excited to be involved with Miss Pinup UK 2014 competition!!

Let’s introduce you to Georgina Chesney!

Georgie Chesney Pinup Popup Parlour

Georgie is a published makeup artist from London. She’s always had a passion for pinup and vintage makeup styles and loves how classic and yet versatile it is.  Georgie tells us that working for the Pinup Popup Parlour is amazing as it gives her the chance to make people feel good about themselves and push forward the real meaning to Pinup,  which is, everybody is beautiful.

Georgie was also responsible for the incredibly dramatic makeup on our first Miss Pinup International in 2013!

Website: www.facebook.com/GeorginaChesneyMakeupDesignerAndArtist

PinPop side Logo

Entrants Stories – Dolly Daydream

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Entrants Stories – Dolly Daydream – Miss Pinup UK 2014 Runner Up

Retro PhotoStudio Miss Pinup UK PinupUK.com Dolly Daydream London Tattoo Convention


Dolly Daydream’s story through her Miss Pinup UK experience!

I found the Pinup UK site when I Googled Miss Pinup last year, I have always loved my 50s lifestyle, and after a quarter-life-crisis I realised it was something I’d love to make an integral part of my life and a pageant of some sort might help me kick start my dream. After seeing that there were no other competitions of its kind in the UK, I showed my close friends the site to get a second opinion on whether or not I should enter.

I did some serious research and stalked the Facebook and Twitter pages for a good few months and thoroughly checked out the competition. Deep down I always wanted to enter, but there’s always that fear of failure, I might think I’m 50’s pinup extraordinaire but what about the rest of the UK? And the other girls on the site were absolutely rocking it! New entrants were being added every day! My friend’s reassurance made me submit my entry, and once I’d finalised my name and clicked “Enter” I was checking the site every 2 seconds! And what happens? Someone else enters later that same day with my Pinup name, serves me right for being Last Minute Larry (Maybe that would’ve been more appropriate?) Any who, I stuck with Dolly Daydream as it was close to my heart – it was a pet name my parents often called me when I was a child, and I felt it was more suited to my more ‘cutesie’ style.

Throughout the voting process I spammed my friends daily with my link, at first I was pretty shy about telling people but then everyone’s reaction was so positive I was soon telling my colleague’s aunty’s dog to enter! Everyone was so overwhelmingly supportive and sharing it all over social media, and still do so with all my pinup stuff and I am so grateful.

I had never done a pageant before but I had done many a dance competition from being 4 all the way to my late teens so I’d performed on all sorts of stages, but when I found out I’d got through it was suddenly real, and I’d really be performing again after a good few years.

My special talent was tap dancing, my favourite and probably strongest dance style. I’ve got to thank my house mate and best friend, Ben for helping me. I tapped away in my tiny kitchen and bedroom the week leading up to the competition and he made me clear all the furniture in the living room and perform it in full costume for him daily.

I fell in love with the venue as soon as I arrived, Tobacco Dock is a dreamy location and every exhibition should be held there! I soon met Rio and the stage manager, Hannah who were both so lovely, but I arrived alone and was still bricking it and assuming everyone knew each other but me.

My mentor Lady Lolly Rouge was so gorgeous and helped us all so calmly and gracefully, even when we felt we may have a meltdown – for some reason the judges questions are more nerve racking than any of the performance malarkey. The other groups mentors were always at the side of the stage to help too, Kitty Ribbons was another favourite of mine and always seemed to know what to say – so wise!

A couple of friends came throughout the weekend as did my tres supportive boyfriend – however, if yours hasn’t seen you perform before, I’d advise they hide in the crowd and not arrive 10 seconds before you go on stage!! But hey, I’m sure the added nerves just meant I went for it even more!

Obviously, you become closest to those you are in a group with, then it suddenly dawns on you that they’re your competition and you want everyone to get through. I’m probably biased but I thought my group was the strongest, and that I had no hope of getting through, so when my name was called to be a finalist I was just speechless (and that never happens). I craved a gin, but thought no, I’ve got to finish my finals routine and bake cakes – course I bloody have!!

I wasn’t too happy with my finals performance and even had a sneaky cry afterwards, but hey, that’s expected at any competition. I was being a perfectionist and the pressure and release of adrenaline was all a bit too much for me it seemed. Everyone in the changing room gave me lots of love though, as did a lady in the neighbouring room. I continually practised in front of her tattoo cream stand and she was always rooting for me. That’s one thing that even gets me chocked up today, people were just so lovely. Walking to the loo or to get a brew and someone unexpected would say well done or let you know they’d caught your performance – just so sweet!

If I had any tips for anyone it would just be to try and enjoy it, talk to absolutely everyone, support your fellow pinups, oh, and don’t try and juggle working or any important social occasions alongside the weekend! Likelihood is you’ll have one gin, a boogie then need to sleep for a week like I did!

Since Miss Pinup UK 2014 I have kept in contact with all the other girls via Facebook, it’s been beautiful sharing our stories on there and I have gotten to know some of the girls I didn’t get a chance to chat to as much at the convention. It’s amazing to see everyone blossoming since the competition and being part of such a supportive and diverse community of girls for life is truly amazing! Thanks so much Rio! Dolly Xxx

PS: Oh, and I came second to the gorgeous Fabia by the way! So, yaaaaay!

Note: We loved having Dolly with us so much that we invited her back this year as a Mentor!

Follow Dolly Daydream on Facebook!

Be a Pinup with PinupUK.com

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Be a Pinup with PinupUK.com Mz Bones Vega La Vamp Miss Pinup UK Phase 8 Photography

Be a Pinup with PinupUK.com and join us for some fun & pampering!

Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 April

at Phase 8 Photographic Studios, Bristol

Indulge in a professional Pinup makeover by hair & makeup artist, Pinup Model and Miss PInup UK ’14 Finalist Mz Bones.

Pose in themed studio sets with personal one-to-one direction from the PinupUK.com team.

£175* (£10 off if you book by Wed 1 April)

  • Two themed sets with props
  • Two outfit changes of your choice – bring a selection if you can’t decide!
  • You’ll get 3 high-resolution edited digital images of your choice,


every model booked gets entered into a prize draw to WIN a pair of passes to the Miss Pinup UK Bristol Quarterfinals at the Club Room upstairs at the Slug & Lettuce on Saturday 27th June.

Duet & group shoots also available upon request.

To book your appointment please contact Lou on 07899 945 377 or e-mail info@pinupuk.com.

Be a Pinup with PinupUK.com Miss Pinup UK Mz Bones Phase 8 Photography

Entrants Stories – Cherry Ve’Dore

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Entrants Stories – Cherry Ve’Dore – Miss Pinup UK 2014 Finalist

Miss Pinup UK Cherry Ve'Dore PinupUK.com London Tattoo Convention Barbie of Burlesque

PinupUK.com talks to the Barbie of Burlesque about her journey through the Miss Pinup UK 2014 competition.

Where did you see it advertised?

I entered in for 2013 as I won Miss Devon pinup and I Googled to see if there was a next stage. Luckily for me Miss Pinup UK was open for entrants and I was excited to be part of it again in 2014.

Did you tell anybody about it?

Yes I told everyone including all my fans. I also persuaded my Burlesque wife Oceana Pearl to enter.

Do you know anybody involved in the competition?

Yes I knew my burlesque wives Oceana Pearl and Luna L’amour, but went home knowing everyone after. More wives to add to my collection.

What made you decide to enter?

I have a real passion for Pinup modelling and although I have psoriasis, I wanted to show you can be a confident professional Model with a skin issue.

What was going through your head?

I was a bag of nerves all the way through, although I am a professional Model I still get nervous like anyone but I really enjoyed being part of the big pinup family.

Were your friends and family supportive?

Yes very, my family and friends all support my modelling and dance. Very lucky like that 😉

Have you entered other competitions?

Not this year as I have recently gone international with my modelling and dancing, so haven’t had time but I have won previous Pinup competitions in the Southwest.

Miss Pinup UK Cherry Ve'Dore PinupUK.com London Tattoo Convention Barbie of Burlesque

How did you feel when you found out you were through to the Semifinals?

I was so happy had pure butterflies in my tummy, I was so happy to be part of it.

What is your Special Talent?

I was the saucy Bendy Belly dancer. Thought it would be something different.

How did you prepare for the Semifinals?

I would say I practised my dance routine but I didn’t hahaha I made it up on the spot.

What were your thoughts when you arrived at the venue?

OMG it’s massive, what if I get lost?! I am rather ditzy LOL!

How was your weekend?

The weekend was very enjoyable and exciting. I met lots of beautiful people that I have stayed friends with and still meet up with. I didn’t really see my mentor much but I did seek advice from other mentors like Kitty Ribbons and Lou Leigh Blue who were amazing and so engaging.

Who did you bring with you?

My brother and his girlfriend came on the Saturday which was brilliant.

How did you feel going home?

I was gutted I missed all the pinup family and ended up messaging them all saying that.

What was the first thing you did when you got home?

I slept in my pinup jacket…

What have you been doing since the Finals?

I was a professional pinup model before the contest and have continued this. I am being published internationally, which I can’t wait for!!! Eeekkkk….

Have you kept in touch with any of the entrants?

Yes I try to talk to all the pinup family everyday. It’s like having a whole bunch of sisters. We talk about anything and everything I love the support & advice.

What did you expect compared to how it was?

These friends I have made since the competition have been so supportive and have really shown true beauty inside and out. It has really shown peoples true colours.

Would you recommend others to enter?

Yes I can’t wait to get people to enter. I have already been training people up to enter for this year and take my place hahaha.

Miss Pinup UK Cherry Ve'Dore PinupUK.com London Tattoo Convention Barbie of Burlesque

Photo credits: Top – Sin Bozkurt, Middle – Cherry laughing with her burly wife Oceana Pearl – WinterFace Photography.

Entrants Stories – Oceana Pearl

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Entrants Stories – Oceana Pearl – Miss Pinup UK Finalist

Miss Pinup UK PinupUK.com London Tattoo Convention Beat Cats

I had always stood out as the ‘unusual one’ in my local area because of my love of quirky and vintage fashion and music. I had been a professional dancer and singer for almost 10 years before deciding to settle down and have a family, and hung up my dancing shoes forever in exchange for nappies and sleepless nights. I have always been a confident person, but after giving birth to my son, my body confidence dropped, and I felt like I lost part of ‘me’ in the process of becoming a mummy. And I really started to miss performing. So determined to get my groove back I flung myself into all things vintage, joining a Rockabilly band, and going solo into the world of burlesque. I was slowly beginning to feel like myself again. I embraced the vintage and rockabilly style and friends and family kept commenting how I should go into ‘Pin-up’ modelling. I laughed, thinking ‘I don’t look like one of those gorgeous pin up models!’

It was only when my good burlesque friend Cherry Ve’dore told me about Miss Pinup UK that I had a look on the website and thought….maybe I could do this. I had recently had some vintage boudoir shots done which I was really happy with, so I plucked up the courage to enter.

It was actually my husband and my family who filled me with more and more confidence every single day once I had entered, their encouragement and support was amazing, my parents, husband and family have always been supportive of my burlesque career and they spread the word to gain more support! Without them I would not have started to feel body confident again.

It also helped that my lovely friends Cherry Ve’dore and Luna L’amour were entering too!! We supported each other and it was lovely to know that there would be familiar faces there.

And the fact that all three of us got through to the semifinals left us buzzing!! As we planned our trip and our talents, it was nice to know I wasn’t alone.

I wanted to showcase a brand new burlesque routine that I had been working on for the semifinals in London, but I also had been chatting to my fellow rockabilly band members and an idea formed that the band would like to perform there too! So there followed a crazy few months of bombarding the organiser Rio with crazy requests, questions and plans (not like she had enough to do!!) and planning two very different performances. I started to feel I had given myself to much to do, choreographing a new routine, making a new costume (which involved lots of feathers and sequins) and planning our road trip with The Beat Cats. I got more and more nervous as the competition got closer and felt very unprepared!!

When we arrived at the Pinup Stage at London Tattoo Convention, after a stressful journey from Somerset, we stumbled onto a scene of overwhelming beauty. A bevy of stunning women who looked like they had fallen of the pages off a pin-up poster were all chatting and preparing. It was a whirlwind of costumes, hairspray, lashes and smiles!!

I was feeling very nervous. What didn’t help was the fact that I had brought half of Somerset with me in the form of my family and friends who jumped at the chance of coming to watch, and I also had to meet the band and do a soundcheck and make sure they were ok, as they had travelled up to London just to play two songs for me!

What became very obvious over the course of the competition was that this was no ordinary ‘competition’. All of the entrants were supporting each other, and seemed to be doing this for themselves and not for anyone else. There was no sense of ‘competing’, everyone was friendly chatty and helpful, and to my surprise they were just as nervous as I was!!

Because I was showcasing my talent second to last, I got to witness all the other interviews and talents and all of the other entrants cheered each girl on, gave immense backstage support and even in their interviews mentioned how beautiful all the other entrants were. It truly was amazing to hear and see female empowerment and support. Even when I performed with The Beat Cats, some of the other girls ran to the front to cheer and dance to our songs! It was such a thrill to perform to a great crowd!! The atmosphere was electric and so many entrants had great things to say about my performance, it was brilliant that everyone was so supportive of each other. We all held each other’s hands when the finalists were announced, it was a moment of unity, and was just perfect.

I was on cloud nine after I had found out I was through to the finals, down to the last few girls!! Oddly I wasn’t nervous for my second performance because I felt proud that I had gotten this far. The most exhilarating moment of the whole event was posing in just pasties and a merkin in front of a cheering crowd of hundreds! It was epic!

I came home from the competition a different person. I actually came home the person I’ve always wanted to be; confident and proud. And since then I have kept in touch with many of the entrants and we are now supporting each other through the next chapter of our Pin up journey! I now feel comfortable modelling and dancing again, and I encourage anyone who is questioning whether to enter next year to just go for it! To me, Pin up is a way of expressing how you truly feel and want to be accepted as. It makes you feel worthy and attractive and confident and I can’t thank the organisers and fellow entrants enough for their support and positivity!

Miss Pinup UK Oceana Pearl London Tattoo Convention PinupUK.com Retro PhotoStudio

Photo Credits – Upper: Sin Bozkurt  Lower: Retro PhotoStudio

Entrants Stories – Vega La Vamp

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Entrants Stories – Vega La Vamp – Miss Pinup UK 2014 Entrant

Vega La Vamp Emma Barnfield Miss Pinup UK

I first saw a flyer for Miss Pinup UK 2014 while at Cherries on a Cloud Burlesque show, they were laid out on the table and I had a little joke with my friends about how I should enter, thinking I wouldn’t stand a chance in hell, but I was told that I really should go for it. I then spoke to Kitty Ribbons who is an Ambassador for the competition and also my Burlesque teacher and she gave me a little push, ensuring me that I would be right for the competition and that I should enter. This was enough for me to make up my mind to go for it. I had never done anything like this before and the whole pinup, burlesque world was fairly new to me, although I have dressed in a rockabilly style for some years now.

I discussed it with my husband and friends who were great and reassured me that it would be amazing for my confidence, even though at 36 I thought i would be too old, but Miss Pinup UK does not discriminate on age, race or size and appreciates ALL women. So I sent in my submission complete with a video of my Special Talent, Burlesque and then started to spread the word. I set up a Vega La Vamp Facebook page and got to work trying to secure votes, again not thinking I had any hope, but to my amazement I got through to the Semi Finals, I couldn’t believe it, I was off to London Tattoo Convention to perform Burlesque on a stage solo for the first time ever, Yikkeees!, but I was ensured by Kitty, family and friends that I could do this.

I set to work on a fan dance, again a first for me, and got myself prepared to hit the Big smoke.

I arrived in London like a little kid in a sweet shop. The tattoo convention itself was held in the historic Tobacco dock, and what a venue, so much atmosphere, cue the little kid again!. I was lucky enough to bring my best friend Betty Gaze along for the ride and had Kitty Ribbons as my Mentor which was fab and put me at ease. I met the other girls and was so pleased at how lovely everyone was. My time came to meet the judges and the nerves kicked in, but I got up there and answered my questions, the ground didn’t swallow me and my mouth actually delivered what I wanted it to.  Next came my turn to perform again I did it, although it was a bit of a nervous blur, but I was so proud of myself and ticked a big number off my bucket list that day.

It was a fab weekend spent which the most gorgeous girls you can imagine. The organisation and the routines that the girls bought with them were fantastic, Rio Wild should be so proud of herself for organising such a brilliant event. I had the Bug, I thought I’m going to give this Pin Up thing a go.

I got back from London and couldn’t wait to get the Pin Up things going. I have stayed in touch with all the girls from the competition and we have continued to give each other support through our Pinup Family as we call it. I set myself up a Purpleport modelling page and started to get photoshoots rolling. I have since worked with some amazing photographers and have built a fabulous portfolio, I am even going to be published in a book in Feb (but can’t reveal all yet).

If you get the chance to enter this comp, please do, you will not regret it, it opens so many doors and you’ll make great friend or in my case a family!

Vega La Vamp Phase 8 Photography Miss Pinup UK

Photo credit: Upper – Emma Barnfield Photography. Lower – Phase 8 Photography

Entrants Stories – Bambi LeBam

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Entrants Stories – Bambi Le Bam – Miss Pinup UK 2014

Bambi LeBam Miss Pinup UK

 Where did you see it advertised?

I was at London Tattoo Convention last year (2013) and watched some of the Miss Pinup competition and performers. I started following on twitter after that and saw the tweets when entries opened.

Do you know anybody involved in the competition?

I didn’t know anybody, which was a bit daunting but I started talking to a few of the girls in the run up to the semifinalists which made it a little easier.

What made you decide to enter? What was going through your head?

For as long as I can remember I have admired and loved pinup, and have always wished I could’ve been one but never thought I would stand a chance. Growing up I longed to be one of the “beautiful girls” but was always the girl who didn’t fit in and was teased quite a lot. I had a complete lack of self-confidence and self-esteem which stayed with me.

After having my son at age 18 my body image took a turn for the worse, as did my mental health. I suffer from depression, anxiety and also a condition called body dysmorphic disorder. My mental health issues are something that I always tried to hide for fear of people finding out and judging me but I have found that since being open and vocal about them more people have also opened up about their own problems. At the start of 2014 I decided that life is too short not to be who I wanted to be and so when the Miss Pinup entries opened (and with a lot of encouragement) I applied.

How did you feel when you found out you were through to the semifinals?

I was so excited when I found out I had got through to the semifinals in London, but then I also had the fear and self-doubt kick in a little as well.

What is your Special Talent?

My special talent is burlesque, this was something else I had always wanted to do but never had the confidence. I started learning about it around the same time as entering the competition and had my first performance in July. Miss Pinup was only the 3rd time I had performed!

How was your weekend at the Finals?

I had so much fun all weekend. I had come completely on my own, which was a bit scary, but the other girls were all so lovely it didn’t matter. We were all pretty nervous to get on stage for the judge’s questions but the support amongst the girls was incredible and it didn’t feel like we were in competition with each other at all.

What have you been doing since the Finals? Did entering Miss Pinup influence that in any way?

Since the finals I have had a pretty busy diary with burlesque performances and photoshoots. Miss Pinup gave me the confidence to go out and apply for these things.

Have you kept in touch with any of the entrants or performers?

I have kept in touch with most of the girls and Rio, we chat on facebook and the group support is amazing.

Has it changed you/your life.

I wouldn’t say it has changed my life but it has made my life better. I remember getting rather emotional when I was saying goodbye to Rio, straight away I felt so proud of myself for taking part but not only that I could honestly say I felt beautiful and for the first time I felt like I fitted in and belonged.

Would you recommend others to enter?

Most definitely! I have already been telling girls that I think would be perfect for the competition to enter.

Bambi LeBam by Flashes & Lashes Miss Pinup UK

Photo Credit: Lower photo by Flashes & Lashes.