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Hairy Rascal

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Miss Tease & Cake Tease and Cake Miss Pinup UK AONO Barbers Beards Hairy Rascal Captain Fawcett Pinup Stage London Tattoo Convention Tobacco Dock Male Models Men with Beards have teamed up with Captain Fawcett and AONO to bring a new exciting competition to the Pinup Stage at the London Tattoo Convention!

We are looking to find the Hairy Rascal of 2015!

It’s been a few years in the making, but we believe that the London Tattoo Convention is now beard-ready to put their best facial hair forward to win this esteemed title!  It’s free to enter and open to UK and International visitors.

With sponsorship from Captain Fawcett, AONO and Gingerbeard’s Preserves we can guarantee great prizes for the Winners and goody bags for the finalists.

Potential Hairy Rascals will go into the Hairy Rascals photo album on the Miss Pinup UK Facebook page for voting and the top ten voted beards get to attend the London Tattoo Convention to strut their stuff on the Pinup Stage before the Miss Pinup UK Finals and join in the Winners Party!

The Hairy Rascals Finalists are also required to do the gentlemanly deed and escort the Miss Tease & Cake Finalists on to the stage during their final round, the Lingerie Round.

Come prepared or book in with AONO at the London Tattoo Convention, there’s a dedicated chair just for you. Make sure you mention this when you book!  Contact AONO.

Entries close on 31st August. Voting runs from 3rd September to 17th September.

You must purchase a ticket to the convention to gain entry into the competition.

Stiff upper lip gents, to enter, click and register

Miss Tease & Cake Tease and Cake Miss Pinup UK AONO Barbers Beards Hairy Rascal Captain Fawcett Pinup Stage London Tattoo Convention Tobacco Dock Male Models Men with Beards

Sexhibition Pinup Competition

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Sexhibition Mr Sexhibition Ms Sexhibition Miss Pinup UK Miss Tease & Cake

Ms Sexhibition & Mr Sexibition

Brought to you by the creators of Sexhibition and ‘Home of Miss Pinup UK & Miss Pinup International’!

Sunday 23rd August at the Sexhibition, the erotic event of the year, will play host to an ultra-exclusive, first of its kind, Mr Sexhibition and Ms Sexhibition contest in association with

In stark contrast to the traditional beauty contest blue print, ours will draw upon those who best embody the spirit of Sexhibition and more broadly, sexual empowerment and liberation in the 21st century. Do you embody all that Sexhibition is? Do you wear your sexuality with pride whilst empowering other to do the same? Are you a gentleman, a master of his own fate and comfortable in your own skin?

Entrants will be voted for by ‘likes’ in the Ms Sexhibition Facebook photo album  and the Mr Sexhibition Facebook photo album. The top 8 from each title will then go through to the Finals on Sunday 23rd August at Sexhibition to be judged by an esteemed panel of the industry’s most-qualified judges.  As well as prizes for the most audience votes, this is certainly going to be an entertaining and unforgettable experience for entrants and voyeurs alike!

To enter, simply e-mail to with you model name in the subject bar.

Entries close on Saturday August.

Who are Ms Sexhibition and Mr Sexhibition

Ms Sexhibition – embody all that Sexhibition is.  Wearing her sexuality with pride and empowering others to do the same. Open to all ladies who feel that way….Sexuality is more than about dressing.

Mr Sexhibition – a gentleman and master of his own fate, comfortable in his own skin and sexuality.  Open to all gents that feel that way….Sexuality is more than about dressing.

The Competition


  • Entries open on Tuesday 26th May and close on Saturday 22nd August.
  • Entrants will compete in two rounds in front of a panel of the industry’s most qualified judges.

The event:

  • First round – a Q&A dressed in the appropriate attire to most fit your personality and sexuality.  During this round, each entrant from each group will be required to pick a number from a secure box.
  • Both Mr & Ms entrants are required to line up on the stage and will be paired up with their matching number.  The pairs will then be given a box with a special task inside.  Entrants will have 2 hours to complete their task.

Tasks will include:

  • Being given an object and explaining what it is and what it could alternatively be used for, the more imagination the better!  Entrants are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible! Draw pictures, use volunteers etc.
  • Being asked what and where a certain body part is and how you best stimulate it.  Entrants are welcome to draw diagrams or use a volunteer from the audience to help them!  Maybe one of your competitors has the right object?
  • Pose with as many event visitors as you can find with an object that you’ve acquired/or been given. Get the visitors to tweet the pic using the hashtag #SexhibitionPinup and tagging Sexhibition & Pinup.  The visitors who tweet will then go into a prize draw to win that object.

Entry requirements:

  • Entrants must be over 21.
  • Available on Sunday 23rd August to attend the competition.  Entrants must purchase a ticket to the event.
  • Give consent to be asked any reasonable questions by the judges and agree to fully take part in whatever reasonably requested tasks are required.  Examples are given above.
  • Pay £5 administration fee to Pinup UK.
  • Submit one photo to be displayed in a Facebook photo album – this must not contain any nudity.

Winners & Prizes:

  • One winner and two Runners Up for each title.
  • Prize to the pair with the most inventive task presentation!
  • Prize to Ms & Mr by audience vote.

Judges & Voting:


Judges will score on the following categories with a maximum of 5 points per category totalling 20 points:

  • Overall appearance
  • Stage presence
  • Sexhibition factor
  • Task presentation individual


Judges can give a maximum of 10 points for this category:

  • Task presentation pair (for Inventive task presentation)

Audience Voting:

Audience votes will be collected following Round 2 by & Sexhibition representatives. Voting cards will be handed out prior to Round 2 and will also be available from the stand.  Audience should vote for their favourite Ms Sexhibition Pinup and Mr Sexhibition only.  Audience votes will not count towards the pair prize.  The Audience vote will not count towards the judges scoring for the main title.

At the event:

Entrants must register at (time TBC) on Sunday 23rd August, 2015 at the stand.  Further instructions will be given to successful finalists.


Pinup Popup Parlour

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Pinup Popup Parlour Miss Pinup UK Miss Pinup International Pinup UK Rio Wild Pinup burlesque vintage hair and makeup

Special event prices from us to you!


‘Freshen up’ – the quick fix  from £10

‘Beautify’ – A full makeover to retro perfection  from £20


High and Tight – Rolls, bangs and quiffs  from £10

Bouffant – Fully coiffed up-do, Set and Curls  from £25

Mix ‘n’ Match

Freshen up & High & Tight £15 (+ £5 eyelashes)

Freshen up & Bouffant £30 (+ £5 eyelashes)

Beautify & H&T £25

Beautify & Bouffant £40

To book your appointment call us on 07899 945 377 or e-mail us at

Follow us on Twitter!

Where we’ll be:

Saturday 30th May – London Burlesque Festival ‘Big Burlesque Day Out’ – 11am to 5pm

Saturday 27th June – Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinal, Bristol – 7pm to 9pm

Saturday 11th July – Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinal, George IV, Chiswick, London – 7pm to 9pm

Saturday 18th July – Style XL, Birmingham – 12noon to 5pm

Saturday 18th July – Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinal, The Roadhouse, Birmingham – 7.45pm

Saturday 25th July – Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinal, Grande Central, Brighton – 7pm to 9pm

Saturday 1st August – Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinal, The Riding Rooms, Glasgow – Times TBC

Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th August – The Bulldog Bash – 12noon to 8pm

Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 August – Tatcon Blackpool – 12noon to 8pm (Saturday)/4pm (Sunday)

Friday 25 to Sunday – London Tattoo ConventionFind us by the Pinup Stage situated at the South Fountain!

Friday        1pm to 9pm

Saturday     12noon to 10.30pm

Sunday   12noon to 7pm

The Pinup Popup Parlour will be at the Miss Pinup UK Quarterfinals

and Finals throughout 2015!

This year we’ll be bringing our amazing hair and makeup artists to you! You can book in to have your hair and makeup done with our Miss Pinup UK team.

Miss Pinup UK and Miss Pinup International Entrants are also entitled to discounts from all of the above prices.

To book your appointment call us on 07899 945 377 or e-mail us at

The Team

Let us introduce you to the Lolita Noir’s Hair & Beauty!

For many years now Lolita Lolita Noir’s Hair & Beauty has been bringing the allure of the 40’s and 50’s back to the masses. Lolita Noir began by styling models for photo shoots but now the demand for parties and events has brought ladies from every walk of life to this flattering and feminine style.  Lolita is a M.A.C makeup artist and uses Sexy Hair products.  Her work has been seen in Total Tattoo magazine and Tattoo Master Magazine.

Lolita Noir has even styled the glamorous Rio Wild, Head of Miss Pinup UK, during a photo shoot at the legendary vintage clothes shop Deadly is the Female is the Female’ (where Lolita Noir also works).

Lolita Noir is the cousin of Miss Cherry Bomb who was our Highest Placed winner in 2013 and a Sponsor in 2014.  She was so excited to be part of Miss Pinup UK last year and very much looks forward to all that 2015 has to offer with the team!

To see more of Lolita Noir’s work, please click on the link below:

Lolita Noir's Hair & Beauty Pinup Popup Parlour Miss Pinup UK London Tattoo Convention

Let’s introduce you to Anna Quinn!

A newly signed model to Spirit and Gap model agencies, Anna has been practicing hair and beauty for 9 years.  She does her own hair, makeup and styling for her photoshoots and has a successfully running company in this industry.  Anna loves being allowed to be set free and creating amazing transformations on her clients!  From Pinup to Alternative, there’s nothing she hasn’t come close to mastering.  As she has informed us, “You learn new tricks every day”!

Anna lives in Bristol travels around the country with her job, beautifying as she goes.  A newcomer to the London Tattoo Convention, she’s thrilled to be a part of the Pinup Popup Parlour and can’t wait to meet all the Miss Pinup UK entrants.

Anna says: “I’m so proud to be part of this team going to the London Tattoo Convention and can’t wait to see all the amazing tattooists.  Cervena Fox is performing and it’ll be great to see her up close!  I’ve been cyber stalking her for about a year.  She’s an inspiration to an up and coming model like me.”

To see more of Anna’s work, please click on the link below:

Miss Pinup UK Anna Quinn Pinup Popup Parlour London Tattoo Convention

 Let’s introduce you to Faye Booth!

Faye is a makeup artist and face painter based in Croydon, Surrey. She is currently studying a HND in Theatrical, Media and Special Effects makeup and freelances in her spare time. Faye has placed in various UK makeup competitions, and reached the World Skills media makeup final in November 2013.  She enjoys working with a variety of different makeups and her favourite looks to create are SFX and period/vintage styles. She has worked on a varied selection of photoshoots, corporate events, theatre productions and short films.

 “I am very excited to be involved in the Miss Pinup UK competition. I really love the pinup style and I’m so excited to meet all of the entrants! This will be my first time at the London Tattoo Convention and I’m looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere and being amongst so many talented artists and performers.”

 To see more of Faye’s work, please click on the link below


Faye booth Miss Pinup UK

 Let’s introduce you to Angie Meadows!

Angie is currently a freelance Hairdresser in Cheltenham based at ‘The Cutting Connection’ in LA Fitness Gym. She has been in the industry since she left school and has enjoyed entering and winning NHF competitions and was also a finalist at the prestigious L’oreal color trophy competition held at the Royal Albert Hall. Angie’s used to pressure and has endured intense heat working in Cyprus on Dhekelia Army base and enjoyed doing many hair up-dos for their beautiful seasonal Balls and Wedding shows. Angie tells us that she still very much loves her job and is very excited to be involved with Miss Pinup UK 2014 competition!!

Georgie Chesney Pinup Popup Parlour

Georgie is a published makeup artist from London. She’s always had a passion for pinup and vintage makeup styles and loves how classic and yet versatile it is.  Georgie tells us that working for the Pinup Popup Parlour is amazing as it gives her the chance to make people feel good about themselves and push forward the real meaning to Pinup,  which is, everybody is beautiful.

Georgie was also responsible for the incredibly dramatic makeup on our first Miss Pinup International in 2013!


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